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February 10, 2016

8 Things Brides Often Forget On Their Wedding Day


Your wedding day has arrived. You’re about to start getting ready. Your girls are all together having fun. All your things are gathered for your photographer to arrive and shoot details…and you realize you forgot some things. Your brain has been going non-stop for at least a few days leading up to this and some things just got left off the list!

It’s totally ok if something was forgotten, but to help make for a smoother day, I’m listing the top 8 things I often see brides forget. A little reminder is always helpful, right?!

1. Keep all the rings together and bring them with you

Tradition is to give the rings to the best man to hold on to for the ceremony. But, I say bring them with you for 2 reasons! First, I photograph them with the rest of your bridal details shots in the morning when I first arrive. It’s easier to shoot them with natural light and to be able to tie them in with your other details. Secondly, if you’re doing a First Look (which 90% of MLP couples do!), you can put them on afterwards so you are wearing them in your wedding portraits! We will make sure to get them to the person responsible for them during the ceremony before it begins!


2. Pack an Emergency Kit

It’s always a good idea to throw in some extra supplies or an emergency kit into your bag! Somewhere there will be a loose string, a missing button, a zipper malfunction, or maybe a blister from new shoes!

3. Break in your shoes or have a spare pair  

Speaking of blisters from new shoes…Break your shoes in! Wear them around the house here and there and get your feet use to them. You will be in them ALL DAY LONG on your wedding day, so helping break them in is important! The last thing you want on your wedding day is sore, blistered feet! If you’re not normally a heels girl or we’re doing a lot of walking for portraits, bring a pair of flats along! Most of the time, your shoes aren’t showing in the photos anyway, so why not be comfortable?!


4. Have the flowers delivered to the getting ready location 

Another thing I love having for your bridal details shots are the bouquets! If you’re getting ready somewhere off site, make sure to have the florist deliver them to you and not the church or venue. Once you’re dressed, I normally take a few bridal photos so it’s nice to have your bouquet for those too!


5. Try sitting down in your dress

You’re probably thinking, “What?!” But it’s a valid point. When you try on your dress in the store, you most likely stand the entire time. But I’ve had some brides realize during the day that they can’t sit down because the dress is too tight! That makes it difficult and maybe even a bit awkward at the reception, especially if you’re having a sit down meal!

6. Be sure to eat early in the day

Make sure to EAT! It’s a really long day and even if you are anxious, you need food in your stomach! Have a plan for someone to bring you some food to the getting area. You can eat in between hair and make up or before you get into your dress. But just be sure to take care of yourself!


7. Gift your mom and your girls

Most likely your mom and/or your girls have played a big role in helping your day come together! Give them a gift to say THANK YOU! If you do have something special, you can always wait to give it to them once I’ve arrived so I can take photos! Most moms cry so it’s a sweet moment worth capturing!


8. Bring the Marriage License

Photos of you signing the marriage license are not that important…but you being legally married is! I’ve had several couples forget this at home and a bit of panic sets in. Put someone in charge of getting this to the church/venue that day so you don’t have to worry about it and the officiant will take care of the rest.

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