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June 6, 2019

Aaron & Kylie

A Yates Event Center Wedding

Aaron & Kylie’s day was a really sweet and fun day! We showed up to the Yates Event Center and all nine bridesmaids plus Kylie were already finished with hair and make up and the room was full of laughter. The guys were playing cards in the Clubhouse and both sets of parents were floating around doing tasks and helping their kids. Everyone was involved, supportive, and excited! You can see how much Aaron and Kylie are loved and respected by the people that surrounded them all day.

The two of them are both so relaxed and comfortable together. They communicate and interact with such ease and they even wrote the first few lines of their letters to one another exactly the same! They both awaited the day and entered it with such calmness and excitement.

Their Yates Event Center wedding was beautiful and they got PERFECT weather for an outdoor June wedding! Enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!

Thanks to Dianne Lisette Photography for being my second shooter for the day, as always, you are the best!

  1. Teresa Morris Salonimer

    June 6th, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Absolutely beautiful!

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