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October 23, 2017

A Big Change Around Here…

I’m not sure where and how to begin this blog post. I never imagined I’d be writing it at this point…but the time has come. Due to a lot of other awesome things in our lives, I am retiring from wedding photography.

Wow. I’ve told a lot of people in our lives, but to actually type it right now is so strange. It’s not what we expected. But then again, I NEVER expected to be where I am today in the first place.

You see, I’ve loved weddings since I was a little girl. I dreamed of photographing them when I was in college photography classes but by the time I graduated I was so burned out from my classes that I put my camera in the closet and didn’t touch it for a year. Then everything changed when a friend asked me to shoot his wedding in 2008 and I realized my dream could become a reality.

It quickly took off and before I knew it, I was shooting 30 weddings a year and it was my full time career. And it has been AMAZING! I’ve photographed over 175 weddings and gained so many friendships with brides (and grooms!). It has taken me ALL over the country, welcomed me into many families, allowed me to witness the happiest moments, provided for our family, helped fund our adoption, grew my faith, expanded my passion for business, developed an excitement for teaching others…I could go on forever. It was a very unexpected path but quickly became our norm. I’ve been my own boss and truly learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur.

Now I’m heading into my tenth year in business and although I STILL love what I do, things look different for our family these days and my priorities have changed.

This little girl right here has changed things for me. When she was first born, I continued working and I decided I wanted her to grow up and see what it looked like to chase your dreams; to work hard at something you love. And while I still definitely believe that and want that for her, I feel like I’m missing out on way too much as she grows up. And to me personally, I can’t bear missing out on things as she grows, develops, and learns. To put it simply, the longer I’m a mom to my Gracen, the more my career ambition has lessened.

I’m not moving into a stay at home mom role (Lord help us all, I’m not cut out for that!). I have been working part time with our church since January and really enjoy it! It allows me to get out of the house and work with people that I love and do life with, but it allows me to be at home in the evenings and weekends with my little family.

So, To my current MLP Brides…

Please have no fear! I am still so excited and looking forward to shooting your wedding! I am committed to finishing well, so even though I have an “end of the road” wedding next July, I’m just as devoted to shooting your wedding as I was to the weddings I shot last year or even 8 years ago! I’m honored you chose me and I can’t wait to spend your day with you.

To all my past MLP Brides…

Thank you. If you hadn’t chosen and trusted me to photograph your special day, I wouldn’t have experienced all the things I listed above. I entered into the wedding business with no idea of what I was really doing or how to run a business, but you saw something in me, whether I was 5 weddings in or 5 years in. Thank you for 9 amazing years of fun, love, laughs, and happy tears. I’m grateful for each and every one of you and the influence you’ve had on my life.


If you’ve read this whole post, thank you for taking the time to hear my heart. This was not an easy decision and one we prayed about for months and months. It’s a big leap of faith for our family, but it’s the direction we feel God is leading us. I’m not completely done with Makenzie Lynn Photography. I’ll still be shooting things here and there and I may have a few ideas up my sleeve for some teaching in the future!

  1. Stevie M Stout

    October 24th, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I am so happy for you, Makenzie! You have always been such a JOY to work with + you will genuinely be missed.

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