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November 2, 2017

Caitlin & Jonathan

A Primm Hill, Tennessee Engagement Session

I’ve known Jonathan for about as long as I’ve known my husband. He is a dear family friend and was around for the beginning of Brett and I. He watched as we dated, was an usher in our wedding, housed us leading up to Gracen being born in Nashville, and distracted us with his cool drone while we waited for the call from our agency to go to the hospital. He’s been around for a lot of big moments in our lives. Now, it’s time for us to watch and be involved in his big moments!

Jonathan met Caitlin through a mutual friend while visiting a friend in Lexington for a UK game. He later went on a date with her friend and was trying to set his friend up with Caitlin. Nothing ever came of any of that, and soon after, they began talking. They’ve dated for a while and Jonathan FINALLY proposed this past February. You’ll meet their puppy while you scroll…his name is Oscar and Jonathan used him to propose! Caitlin got a beautiful ring AND an adorable puppy that night! They’re planning a beach wedding this May and I’m super excited to be photographing it!

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