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June 6, 2016

California–Part 1–Napa Valley

In May, Brett and I headed out to California…just the two of us. We started the trip out by shooting the wedding of my dear friend, Natalie. Then we stayed a few extra days and played the role of typical tourists. We went to Napa Valley & San Francisco and LOVED both places. It was so much fun getting to be together with no schedule…and no toddler! Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE being parents to our daughter, Gracen. But we don’t get a lot of time alone these days, so it was nice to travel together like the old days!

This is part 1 of our trip: Our day in Napa Valley. It was absolutely beautiful out there and the weather was perfect! First, we visited a well recommended winery, V. Sattui and it was gorgeous plus the wine was good too! We found a nice place for lunch and then went to another winery…a CASTLE winery! Castillo de Amorosa was so unique and had such amazing views. We drove around to find look out spots for photos, drove into Sonoma for dinner, and stopped for more golden hour photos. I couldn’t take enough photos! Basically, I could go to Napa every day 🙂


V. Sattui Winery


Castillo di Amorosa

MLP-California-2016-027MLP-California-2016-020MLP-California-2016-022Look at the view!
MLP-California-2016-023MLP-California-2016-024Loved this walkway and old wood doors!
MLP-California-2016-025MLP-California-2016-028MLP-California-2016-029MLP-California-2016-030MLP-California-2016-032MLP-California-2016-034MLP-California-2016-035MLP-California-2016-033And some iPhone pics and selfies 🙂


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