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I'm a wedding photographer and stationery designer in Western Kentucky. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! This is where you can see my latest shoots & weddings, get some advice, or see what it's like behind the scenes! I hope you stay awhile. 

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a series of blog posts just for brides!

dear bride,

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Coaching Session–Jeanette

In August of 2014, I received a message from Jeanette expressing some interest in a coaching session. Since wedding season was about to pick up for the fall, I let her know I wasn’t offering any at the time but I would email her when I did. Twenty days later, we found out we had […]

February 29, 2016

Coaching, Head Shots

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Coaching Session — Megg

I first met Megg through Instagram. We began following one another and after a few weeks we finally got to meet in person! Megg attended our Pursuit Paducah group, which is a local group for creative entrepreneur women. She was talking about wanting to do a coaching/mentor session with a wedding photographer and I said, “I […]

February 23, 2016

Coaching, For Photographers, Head Shots

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Last year I started something that I wasn’t sure would take off in our area. But I felt God leading me and my business that direction, so I followed. I began offering coaching sessions—a whole day of one on one teaching, encouraging, goal setting and practicing with another photographer. God made it clear to me […]

September 3, 2015

Coaching, For Photographers, Head Shots

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The past few months, I’ve had the opportunities to shoot some things outside just weddings and engagements. Don’t get me wrong, I love my couples! But’s it always a breath of fresh air to shoot different things. Tabitha is a rising star in the photography industry. She recently left her day job to pursue photography […]

June 2, 2015

For Photographers, Head Shots

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Pursuit Ladies

Something near and dear to my heart is Pursuit. It is a very large, nation wide group of female Christian creatives. I went to their annual conference back in 2013 and it was life changing. Pursuit really encourages small groups in our communities since the nation wide group is so big. In January my dear […]

May 20, 2015

Head Shots, Models

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