hello! I'm Makenzie!

I'm a wedding photographer and stationery designer in Western Kentucky. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! This is where you can see my latest shoots & weddings, get some advice, or see what it's like behind the scenes! I hope you stay awhile. 

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a series of blog posts just for brides!

dear bride,

Welcome to the MLP

New York City

Shortly after returning home from Chicago, Brett and I headed to NYC for an engagement shoot! Since our 5 year anniversary is coming up in June, we decided to celebrate by staying for 5 days. Here are some of my faves from the trip. (Beware, there are a lot of photos!  I got a little […]

May 21, 2012


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My husband and I traveled to Chicago last week/weekend. A former MSU student that I know got married right outside of the city and asked me to shoot her wedding. Of course I jumped at that opportunity! So, we went up a few days early to enjoy the city before the wedding. I want to […]

April 26, 2012


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Catching those moments!

I went to Sarasota, Florida to visit one of my best friends, Amanda. She knows how much I love the beach in the evening and how excited I get to catch a great sunset photo. So, on my last night there she took me to the beach in hopes for a good sunset. While I […]

August 31, 2011


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A few weeks ago, my husband and I spent a week playing with precious children in Managua, Nicaragua with our church, The Journey Church. The Journey works with an organization called Luo, which helps break children free from poverty. In Managua, the Buzbee family runs an organization called Open Hearts, which is meeting the needs […]

June 21, 2010


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