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February 23, 2016

Coaching Session — Megg

I first met Megg through Instagram. We began following one another and after a few weeks we finally got to meet in person! Megg attended our Pursuit Paducah group, which is a local group for creative entrepreneur women. She was talking about wanting to do a coaching/mentor session with a wedding photographer and I said, “I offer coaching sessions!” We talked more about it and by the next day she emailed me to say she was in!

Megg is really excited and eager to grow her business as a wedding photographer! We talked all day long about the things that come along with running a wedding photography business. I just love her personality and her ambition. We talked about workflow, timelines, client management, goal setting, vision planning, etc for most of the day! We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Jasmine’s, the Thai restaurant in Murray, and then set out for some head shots of Megg. She was a bit camera shy, but I think these pictures truly show her sweet personality! We ended the day with one of my couple’s, Ethan & Carolina, for a live shoot where I posed and photographed them while Megg observed.

It was such a fun day and I absolutely CAN’T wait to watch her journey! She has weddings booked this year and she will be second shooting with me too! Her work is already so great so I am excited to keep growing! Megg–thanks for spending the day with me! I am truly enjoying getting to know you!


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