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August 17, 2016

Jonathan & Maddie


A Nolensville Tennessee Navy & Gold Wedding

I don’t even know how to begin this blog post. It’s not because I don’t know what to say…it’s because I have so many words for this couple. Jonathan & Maddie are some of our dearest friends. They unexpectedly came into our lives while they were college students and for some reason they enjoyed hanging out with us “old” folks. We have spent so much time cooking in our kitchen, eating out, playing games, watching movies, and taking weekend trips and vacations together. They walked with us through our entire process of adoption, celebrated with us the day we found out we were getting Gracen (on Maddie’s birthday!), and loved on her like their own after she was born. We’ve been there for one another through the good times and the hard times and their friendship means the world to us!

We were there the day Jonathan proposed on a giant ferris wheel in Atlanta this past November and it feels like we’ve known them since they started dating on the county fair ferris wheel years ago. They’re relationship has done nothing but grow since that day, and on their six year anniversary, they got married!

One thing about these two is they are close with families. Jonathan has two little brothers and Maddie has three! Brett even told Maddie’s dad that he hopes and prays he can have a relationship with Gracen like Jeff does with Maddie. So, watching their parents and siblings just relax and enjoy the day with them on Saturday was so much fun! They came along side them and laughed, danced, gave advice, cried happy tears, and prayed with them. That’s how it should be on a wedding day.

Our little family all got to participate in the wedding too! I was Maddie’s Matron of Honor and photographer, Brett was a groomsman, and Gracen was a member of the Snack Parade (pretty much a flower girl). I had my amazing friend, Dianne, act as second shooter and she took over for the ceremony and wedding party photos and helped me keep my head on straight throughout the day! Thanks Dianne!

I had a really hard time narrowing down the amount of images to highlight on the blog. But since it’s my best friend’s wedding, she gets an extra long post haha! So, be patient with the load time and enjoy some of my favorites from their hometown wedding!


Maddie’s brother, Nick, brought us Sonic drinks…which is an everyday thing for the Mucci family!


Thumb’s up!


Love these big smiles!


For their one year dating anniversary, Jonathan got Maddie a pearl necklace. Unfortunately, it broke but Jonathan got it restrung and gave it to her to wear as a bracelet for their wedding day. So sweet!


One of Jonathan’s best friends couldn’t make it to the wedding as a groomsman, so he sent me a video to show them. He had them both in tears! That was so thoughtful of you, Will! They loved it!


The Mucci’s are always dancing!

Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-062Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-063Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-060Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-065Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-070Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-073Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-066Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-089Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-071Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-080Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-072Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-083Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-074Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-088Work it Maddie! Love this one on the left of you!

Maddie has three brothers and they’re all really close! Josh & Nick were “bridesmen” and the youngest, Max, was part of the Snack Parade (you’ll see them later)!

Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-123Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-112Maddie’s relationship with her dad is the cutest! And we’re so proud of Jeff for not crying as much as we expected!


Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-127Maddie’s grandpa made canes and he always titled them. This one is called “Stepping Out” so they put it above the sanctuary door so Maddie and her parents walked under it as they entered the ceremony.
Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-125This is Max, Maddie’s youngest brother. He is the funniest 11 year old I’ve ever met. So, he gladly did the welcome and filled the guests in on how it was all going to go.

The Snack Parade passed out Chex Mix bags for people to munch on for the ceremony! M & J proclaim food as their love language so they they decided everyone needed a snack!


There’s my girl!! Since she was the youngest Snack Parade member, she just walked down with me 🙂


Their moms both gave them advice during the ceremony. I’m pretty sure they had the whole room in tears. Good thing Maddie’s mom made an invention for tissues!


Check out that wedding party!


Gracen was a bit hangry, so she didn’t make into all the kid’s photos. Sorry Maddie & Jonathan!

Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-151Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-152Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-153Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-155Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-156Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-154M & J and all the brothers!
Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-159Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-160Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-161Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-162Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-163Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-167Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-164Maddie had a vision for the reception and it came together perfectly! This was the first wedding reception to be held at the new Mill Creek Brewery!



THIS amazing table is their new kitchen table that Maddie’s grandpa built for them! He even left them a little note!

Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-180Nolensville-Mill-Creek-Brewery-Wedding-178The new MR. & MRS. FERRIS!

This is my daughter and her date! They got in a dance together before bedtime. We plan to keep this one for their wedding one day 😉


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Salon | Salon La Belle Maison

Ceremony Venue | Nolensville First United Methodist Church

Reception Venue | Mill Creek Brewery

Bridal Gown | Bridal Warehouse

Bridesmaid Dresses | Azazie

Groomsmen Suits | Macy’s

Groomsmen Ties | The Tie Bar

Wedding Stationary | Designed by Makenzie Lynn Photography

Florals | Beth Krehbiel

Caterer | Chef Jeff of CJ’s Catering

Wedding Planner | Marissa with The Wedding Girls

DJ | Stephen Belk with New Hope Entertainment

Videographer | Chris Bryant

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