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May 10, 2018

Lisa & Stuart

A Whitehaven & CSI Park Engagement Session

When a couple arrives for their engagement session, I always ask how their feeling, followed by asking specifically how the groom is feeling. We all know guys usually don’t jump up and down at the opportunity for photos. But Stuart was genuinely excited to be there with his gorgeous fiance and they were immediate rockstars in front of the camera!

Not only are they so cute in front of the camera, but the story of how they met is adorable too! Lisa was a server at Buffalo Wild Wings and while Stuart was there one night, he saw her across the room. He wanted so bad to talk to her but he decided to give her a note on the way out with his number. She thought he was cute, so she stuffed it in her apron so she could text him later. But the note accidentally made it’s way to the trash. When Lisa realized it was gone, she was so upset because she knew she wouldn’t be able to find him again, so she decided to see how full the trash was. Thinking his number would be buried since the trash fills up quick, she went over to find it right on the top. It was meant to be!

I can’t wait for their October wedding in Jackson, Tennessee!

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