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August 10, 2016

Logan & Liz Celebrate 2 Years

Murray State Annivesary Session-0013

A Murray State Anniversary Session

It’s so fun keeping up with my clients after they’re married, but since I pretty much stick to just weddings, I don’t get to photograph my couples after the wedding which is a total bummer. So, I was excited when Liz booked an anniversary session when I announced I was doing mini’s. It was actually just a few days before their 2 year anniversary so the timing was perfect!

It rained all day, so the other anniversary session got rained out. But since Liz rented this awesome dress for the shoot, we decided to go for it. We changed locations and moved to MSU’s campus so if it was raining, we could find some nice covered areas. But luckily, we made it through with out rain! They were just as great in front of the camera as they were for the engagements and their wedding, so they made my job easy. They even brought along a bottle of champagne for a fun toast to two years of marriage!

Murray State Annivesary Session-0001Murray State Annivesary Session-0003Murray State Annivesary Session-0004Murray State Annivesary Session-0006Murray State Annivesary Session-0009Murray State Annivesary Session-0007Murray State Annivesary Session-0012Murray State Annivesary Session-0014Murray State Annivesary Session-0015Murray State Annivesary Session-0002Murray State Annivesary Session-0018Murray State Annivesary Session-0019Murray State Annivesary Session-0016Murray State Annivesary Session-0021Murray State Annivesary Session-0020Murray State Annivesary Session-0023Murray State Annivesary Session-0024Murray State Annivesary Session-0025Murray State Annivesary Session-0028Murray State Annivesary Session-0026Murray State Annivesary Session-0029Murray State Annivesary Session-0030

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