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March 25, 2014

Meghan & Barkley

Mottaz-54I love shooting in new places! This past weekend, we spent some time in the South and it was definitely a breath of fresh air! The grass was green and the flowers were beginning to bloom. It’s much better than the snowflakes that were falling here in Kentucky when I woke up this morning! The University of Alabama is absolutely beautiful with old buildings, large columns, trees that hang over the street…the perfect place for Meghan & Barkley’s engagements.

I had a class or two with Meghan in college. I always knew of her, but didn’t officially meet her until she helped with a wedding I shot back in 2010. Although Meghan & Barkley both went to Murray State, they didn’t meet until a few years later while Meghan was working at MSU. Shortly after that, she took a job at U of A and moved away. After about a year, they couldn’t be apart any longer, Barkley found a job and moved to Alabama too!

Although they’re fans of other teams, they have become Alabama fans! I think it’s hard not to when you live in Tuscaloosa! They enjoy spending time on campus and cheering at the football games, so we spent most of their session there. Then we headed downtown to a cute little theater and finished by surprising Barkley with a stop at his favorite restaurant, Mellow Mushroom.


Love this one!


Love her shoes!



The president’s mansion is amazing!


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