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April 3, 2014

New Online Galleries

I’m excited to introduce something new today! A lot of wedding photographers use the term “shoot and share” these days, which means they shoot and then upload them to a gallery where the client can download the high resolution files. I’ve looked into a few of these, but I’m not always happy with the cost or the user friendliness. I finally found one that fits everything I was hoping for! So, I’m introducing you to Pixieset.

MLP clients will now have an awesome gallery to view their photos! Not only can you just view them, you can download the high-res files and share on social media! As excited as I am for awesome new galleries…my clients will still receive a jump drive of their images. I strongly believe there is something about giving them a tangible way to have their photos. Plus, doesn’t every bride look forward to a cute little package tied with a bow?!

So now that I’ve made you wait…take a look at how awesome these new galleries are!

You’ll receive a link that takes you directly to your gallery and opens with a cover photo. I really, really love the way it looks!


Your photos are displayed in grid style. You can view them by category by the tabs on top. All the photos can be downloaded at once and you can also share your entire gallery on social media outlets.

Your Online Wedding Gallery

If you click on a photo, it will open it full screen where you can view them one by one. You can mark your favorites, download the individual photo, add it to your cart, share it on social media, and even watch a slide show of all the photos from that category!


Another plus, is your gallery is easy to view on your phone or tablet! This is the perfect way to download your favorites so you have them on the go!


MLP clients also get a gallery for their engagements! It all works just the same!


So, if you’re a MLP bride for this year, get excited for an awesome gallery to share with your friends and family!

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