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October 26, 2017

Nicole & Jordan

A Downtown Murray & Arboretum Engagement Session

They told me they were awkward and every part of their story is boring. Nicole knew I’d share their story on their engagement session post so every time I asked them about their relationship, they prefaced it with how boring it was. But I don’t think they’re awkward and I definitely don’t think they are boring! They knew one another growing up in church, but it wasn’t until Jordan was in college that they began dating. They dated through most of high school for Nicole and I think there is something super special when relationships last through major season of change and growing up! Once Jordan had the ring, he just couldn’t wait to propose! Instead of making an elaborate plan, he interrupted her night with friends to “take her to dinner” but as soon as he arrived to her apartment…he took her in the other room, immediately got down on one knee, and said, “I can’t wait anymore! Will you marry me?” They think that’s boring but I think it’s ADORABLE! He loves her so much and was so excited and anxious to propose and he just couldn’t wait. I love it! They’re getting married in January with a small wedding at the Grand Lodge and I’m so excited!

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