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September 28, 2016

Preparing Your Groom for Engagements

I get it. I really do. Most guys don’t get excited about having their photo taken. They don’t show up to their engagement session jumping up and down! Most grooms come with some expectations. They may arrive feeling nervous or anxious, some think it’s going to be quick stand-and-smile then BOOM they’re done! The majority of grooms expect it to be pure torture and no fun at all! Don’t worry brides, the GOOD thing is…most grooms leave and tell me that they actually did have fun! That’s a win for both of us!


But there is a way to prepare them so they don’t show up with negative expectations. They can actually come to their session expecting it to be fun. You just need to take a few minutes to educate them and prepare them for the shoot!

  1. Spend some time looking through engagement sessions on my blog and pick out three of your favorite sessions. Then, a week or two before your shoot, sit down with him and show him your favorite posts. Show him what you like and help him get familiar with my style and poses. This will help him know what is coming and he won’t be surprised when I ask him to “nuzzle” on you or lean his forehead into yours.Maddie-Jonathan-Arrington-Vineyards-Engagements-040
  1. Give him a heads up that the shoot will last approximately 2 hours. He can arrive with the understanding that it won’t be just 5 photos taken of you two smiling at the camera. We will walk around the two different locations you’ve chosen and shoot a wide variety of poses. You will most likely change your outfits too! So in order to fit everything in, we need about 2 hours.
  1. Speaking of outfits…be sure to clear all his clothing with him. Make sure he likes it and is comfortable in it. Don’t surprise him with a shirt he hates or pants that don’t fit him right! Have him approve what he is going to wear before you arrive for the shoot.


  1. Assure him that I know what I’m doing! You chose me to be your photographer because you like my work and you trust me. That will help him trust me too!
  1. Play his favorite music on the way to the shoot to help him relax and boost his mood!
  1. Remind him it will be FUN…because it will be!


Kentucky Lake Boat Engagements-074



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