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September 15, 2015

Travis & Ali

Travis & Ali-115

She was 15 when Brett and I started dating. I was excited to be dating someone with a sister, since I had always wanted one. We instantly bonded and I gained a sister (and a little brother too, Hi Keaton!) when I married Brett! We have watched Ali grow up…graduate high school, move to college, graduate with a degree she is passionate about, get a job, and fall in love.

Travis and Ali knew each other in high school, and to be honest, Travis always had eyes for her. Towards the end of college, they started dating and they fell for each other fast and hard.

Travis finally proposed on a random day in April and they planned their September wedding pretty quickly. It was a complete DIY wedding. My in-laws worked hard to pull it off and make it the perfect day for Ali & Travis. And it was!

My amazing friend, Dianne, shot with me too! She was a life saver for the times that I needed to put my camera down and take in the moment, simply just be a family member, or take care of Gracen. Thank you so much Dianne!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day! There may be quite a few more than a normal blog post and there may be a lot of photos of the cute flower girl!
Travis & Ali-006Travis & Ali-010Travis & Ali-003Travis & Ali-005Travis & Ali-012

I just LOVE this arbor! My father-in-law chopped some trees and built it himself!

Travis & Ali-009Travis & Ali-015Travis & Ali-021Travis & Ali-008Travis & Ali-019Travis & Ali-022Travis & Ali-016Travis & Ali-020Travis & Ali-024Travis & Ali-023Ali surprised Travis with a YETI cooler! He was really shocked!
Travis & Ali-025Travis & Ali-030Travis & Ali-029

Travis & Ali-032Travis & Ali-033Travis & Ali-035Travis & Ali-037

Travis & Ali-038Travis & Ali-039

Ali, I knew you would be a beautiful bride…but you were absolutely breath taking! And that dress…!!! I love the detail at the bottom.

Travis & Ali-041Travis & Ali-042Travis & Ali-048Travis & Ali-049Travis & Ali-056

The bouquets were made entirely out of burlap! So unique!

Travis & Ali-051Travis & Ali-050Travis & Ali-055Travis & Ali-053Travis & Ali-052Travis & Ali-057Travis & Ali-054

Just beautiful! Love this angle Dianne got of Ali when I asked her to twirl in the weeds!

Travis & Ali-058

After the girls were done with photos, we tucked them back inside and it was the guys turn!

Travis & Ali-060Love that big smile, Trav!

Travis & Ali-063Travis & Ali-061Travis & Ali-064

Cale was excited to be the ring bearer!

Travis & Ali-066

And even though Gracen didn’t know what was going on, she was a great flower girl! She loves her Aunt Ali! I love how she just looked at her when we tried to take a picture of the two of them together. Gracen thought she was so pretty!

Travis & Ali-067Travis & Ali-069

Brett and I juggled Gracen around all day since we were all three involved in the wedding. She did great! Obviously, she knows how to pose for the camera 😉

Travis & Ali-070Travis & Ali-072Travis & Ali-073Travis & Ali-076

After a morning of beautiful sunshine, the weather surprised us all and it poured. It didn’t phase Ali one bit. I love this pic of her walking to the sanctuary to walk down the aisle with her dad holding her dress.

Travis & Ali-079

The tears flowed when Travis saw her! So glad Dianne caught this one of his uncle looking at him when Travis laid eyes on Ali!

Travis & Ali-080Travis & Ali-081Travis & Ali-082Travis & Ali-083Travis & Ali-084Travis & Ali-085Travis & Ali-086Travis & Ali-087

Check out those smiles!

Travis & Ali-089Travis & Ali-090Travis & Ali-092Travis & Ali-094

Cale made sure he saw the kiss…but then loud of enough for everyone to hear he said, “I can’t even watch!!” Hilarious!

Travis & Ali-095Travis & Ali-096


Travis & Ali-098Travis & Ali-100

Sorry for all the photos of Gracen…but she was the cutest flower girl!

Travis & Ali-102

During formal family photos, Gracen’s dress got stuck in Ali’s dress!

Travis & Ali-105Travis & Ali-106Travis & Ali-107Travis & Ali-108Travis & Ali-109Travis & Ali-111Travis & Ali-110Travis & Ali-113Travis & Ali-114Travis & Ali-112Travis & Ali-115

It started to drizzle on us while we were doing their portraits outside, but we kept shooting anyway! I love how our cameras picked up the little sprinkles! And I love how Ali didn’t care one bit!

Travis & Ali-119Travis & Ali-120Travis & Ali-116Travis & Ali-121Travis & Ali-123Travis & Ali-118Travis & Ali-124Travis & Ali-127Travis & Ali-126
Travis & Ali-132Travis & Ali-128Travis & Ali-133Travis & Ali-137Travis & Ali-136Travis & Ali-135Travis & Ali-138Travis & Ali-131Travis & Ali-139Travis & Ali-142Travis & Ali-141Travis & Ali-144Travis & Ali-143
Travis & Ali-145Travis & Ali-149Travis & Ali-148
Travis & Ali-146They had a yummy dessert bar!
Travis & Ali-152Travis & Ali-156Travis & Ali-157Travis & Ali-158

Travis missed her mouth and dropped the cake in the floor!

Travis & Ali-159Travis & Ali-162Travis & Ali-163

One of the only times I saw my mother-in-law sit down the entire day! This lady made the entire wedding happen. Every single piece of pretty you see was done by Doug & Donna!

Travis & Ali-167Travis & Ali-164Grayson & Gracen 🙂
Travis & Ali-165

To see Travis & Ali’s engagement session, click here.

Venue | Mexico Baptist Church

Bridal Gown | Anne’s Bridals

Bridesmaid Dresses | Kohl’s

Florals | Kim Wright

Cake | Tammy Dempsey

All Decor | Doug & Donna Shewcraft (mom & dad)

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